Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SMS Message: Reality Check

- 9:23am, umagang umaga naka receive agad ako ng gift... an SMS from a friend and the contents cuts like a knife... toinks... reality check

Painful Facts in the Philippine Gay Scene:

1. It takes a lot to be saleable in the gay market scene.
2. Tall + Slim + Toned = HOT; otherwise = TRASH
3. Being chubby and effiminate is a CURSE.
4. 99% of the gay population = total FLIRTS.
5. Faithfulness is wishful thinking.
6. The words LOVE and TRUST are a powerful currency.
7. 99% of the gorgeous populace = conceited assholes.
8. 99% of the same gorgeous populace SEEKS THE SAME.
9. 99% of these call themselves "BI"
10. Choosing to LOVE is 99% nightmare and
11.Failure in LOVE has created those flirts...

- true enough

- is there still hope

- will there be a chance for these to change?

- just questions, no real answers

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